At United Across Borders we are helping impoverished individuals in Bangladesh by providing one of the basic necessities of life by clothing individuals who do not have the means to afford them. We are challenging individuals and educational institutions across the country. Our challenge, to those who can help, is to donate used and unwanted clothing to be sent to Bangladesh.

The donations that we provide in Bangladesh bring a smile to the faces of children and adults alike. These individuals live life to the fullest everyday even though they have so little in terms of material goods. Essentials such as shirts and blankets, which we take for granted and may discard without a second thought, are precious to these people.

Bangladesh is a country that produces and exports $24 billion of clothing each year to Europe and the United States. Ironically, the people that produce this clothing do not have the means to afford clothing themselves. Many of the individuals who we donate clothes can not work or do not have the option to work. While those fortunate enough to have a job survive on a minimum wage of just $50 a month.

Give new life to an old t-shirt and make a difference today.